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Restaurants prioritize their customers when designing their setup. They focus on attracting their customer, giving them a fantastic experience that will make them come back.

Interior Designer Houston has two considerations when designing a restaurant.

1.   The Story and Concept behind the Design

We ensure that the details of any design we pick for your restaurant has a strong narrative. The details have to play their part without creating a contrived or superfluous feeling on the design.

An example is the use of Italian traditions and crafts like Palladian flooring and warm copper accents to echo the Italian cuisine.

Interior Designer Houston crystalizes the narrative emphasizing who you’re, thus helping you avoid identity crises. 

We avoid following the current trends when designing a restaurant interior. Instead, we define trends by staying one step ahead in order to enhance the longevity of our work. Following trends is risky because they get dated by time.

2.   Diner’s Experience

This element considers factors such as guests’ entrance to your restaurant, a route that the food takes as you serve your guests and how it will be delivered.

We understand that a beautiful restaurant without proper functionality will never be a success. So when planning, we prioritize the location of every element in this space because they influence its operation. They include seating areas and circulation spaces.

Vital Practical points to Consider

Space Allotment: The dining is allotted 60% of the entire restaurant space, while restrooms, storage, and the kitchen take 40%. Failure to follow this rule of the space allotment affects the business.

Spacing between Tables: Based on the type of restaurant Interior Designer Houston creates adequate spacing between tables to ensure your guests are comfortable.  For fast-food restaurants, we give 10 sq ft per person and 20 sq ft in a fine dining establishment.

Diners and Staff Visibility: We balance openness of the layout and privacy when planning restaurant interior design. That means we ensure your staff can easily see all diners. This assures them that their needs will be attended to as soon as possible.

Lighting: Aside from aesthetics, we ensure your restaurant is safe and low maintenance. It should meet the highest possible energy standards.

Restrooms: They should easy to locate without asking for direction. We place signs and locate them away from the kitchen but behind hallways or walls.

Traffic: Our restaurant’s interior designs allow your guests to get in easily and served quickly. The hostess desk is located on the side of every small and medium-sized restaurant. It allows your guests to move unhampered while others are being served. 

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