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When deciding restaurant layout Interior Designer Houston considers décor, furniture placement, and the kitchen. We blend them to give you a comfortable environment to allow your guests to relax and enjoy their meal. 

A good furniture plan or layout helps to avoid unpleasant customers’ experience. Thus we offer restaurant designs that work seamlessly.

The Environment

We design your furniture placement based on the environment you want to create. It can be classical and familiar, open and airy, cozy, and intimate.

We achieve these aesthetic by varying table size, seat height, and booth quantities. We can use banquettes and booths with dividers to provide privacy and give a closed-off space illusion. On the other hand, high bar seating and tables create a minimalist, open restaurant.

Volume and Comfort Balance

A good restaurant furniture plan is a delicate balancing act. We want to maximize your revenue by creating an optimal seating arrangement that your kitchen can handle without overcrowding the space.

Too many seats impede the movement of your guests and staff, causing them to feel uncomfortable. It can also slow down the service and cause everyone to get frustrated.

On the other hand, fewer seats mean customers will have to wait for tables or walk away, which is a loss of revenue.

Varying Seating Options

Each seating option offers a different atmosphere in the restaurant. Stand-alone tables make the space look dull and crowded. Booths alone make it appear underutilized and awkward.

Interior Designer Houston will design the space to evoke a different atmosphere and drive home your aesthetic. We will create a private and intimate feeling in a date night restaurant by arranging small two persons-seat tables.

A Mobile Wait Station

We create a portable wait station to fit your needs instead of installing a permanent one that takes too much space. A mobile one allows you to change seating arrangements regularly to avoid monotony.

Easy-to-Clean Furniture Designs

We recommend furniture that doesn’t have intricate designs that makes it hard to keep them clean. Seats and tables with tricky carvings and crevices make it hard to wipe crumbs and debris.

The furniture should be sturdy enough to accommodate all guests. Booths are preferable because they save space compared to standard seating.

Appropriate Window Coverings

The summer sun can give your customers a bad dining experience. Thus we design window coverings and shades that will make them come again. They are easy to maintain, open, and close.

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