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Does your home have outdoor space such as a balcony, front porch, patio, or terrace? If so, we can help you convert that area into a refreshing outdoor living space.

The decor of outdoor space is equally important as that of the interiors. However, they should complement each other and the design of your home, thus creating a feeling of continuity.

Interior Designer Houston will help design your outdoor living space in the following ways.


We blend the colors and the materials used on your indoor into the outdoor spaces. Fresh and bright colors are used to create unique decorative accents, emphasizing your outdoor style.  We achieve this using furniture, throw pillows, area rugs, or flooring. There is a wide range of colors, fabrics, textures, and patterns to choose from.

Comfort and Function

Interior Designer Houston designs this space based on the activities that your family members and guests enjoy the most. We want the areas to give them hours of enjoyment. So we install more lights for your evening dining, more furniture for lounging or casual seating.  We make it more comfortable so that they can spend lots of time outdoors.

Architectural Elements

The size of your outdoor space influences the outdoor interior design. We make gazebos, screens, sails, patio, balcony, deck, and poolside. We then add daybeds, accent pillows, plants, and area rugs to color this space. There are different designs available for you to pick or allow Interior Designer Houston to experiment with intricate patterns, styles, and colors.


We design a beautiful cozy ambiance by adding lighting since the natural light will fade away at night. These can be in the form of string lights that creates a magical and picturesque setting. They are also versatile and can be hanged along the balcony, across the patio, under an umbrella, or around a gazebo.


When purchasing outdoor furniture, it’s important to prioritize quality because they are used outside and interact with weather more than indoor furniture. Interior Designer Houston ensures that your outdoor furniture is made from durable materials.

We also create space for these items because you need to store them during the off-season. Even high-quality furniture experience wear and tear over time.

Contact us for your outdoor living space, and no matter its size, we will transform it and create a dreamy alfresco retreat for you. 


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