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Welcome To Our Outdoor Furniture Setup Service

Are you wondering how you can arrange your outdoor furniture? No need to worry anymore. Interior Designer Houston has developed simple rules for creating a perfect outdoor layout.

We understand that having an outdoor space is a luxury. It’s a private oasis for relaxing after the bustle of the day or a warm-spot for relaxing and entertaining your family and friends.

Our designs are broad and take care of people living in a family home or a townhouse. Our uttermost priority is comfort, and we try to maximize it as much as we can.

The following are our stylish outdoor layouts.

A Small Balcony

Some homes have a tiny extension that is either square or rectangular in shape, a limited room. Low furniture pieces are the best option here to preserve sightlines.

We use wood chaises with appropriate throw pillows or cushions for your leisurely lounging, club chairs, a small-sized table or ottomans, and hurricane lanterns to keep the front area clear. This is ideal for your sunset cocktails and morning coffee.


It’s an excellent place for an outdoor barbecue with family and friends since the structure has a lot of space. We try to arrange furniture on the sides and maintain an open area in the middle to accommodate a crowd of different sizes.

We can put club chairs, a large sofa, glass and metal table, wood dining table, benches or rattan chairs. Appropriate cushions covered with the right outdoor fabric are added.


Interior Designer Houston tries to mimic your indoor living space. Landscaping helps us to create separate gathering spots. We place the grill and dining table near the door to ease food movement from the kitchen.

We put a plant at the center and tucking chairs around it or a small bench under a tree for great conversation moments.

The Poolside

It’s an excellent place for lively conversation, lazy lounging, and dining alfresco. We place umbrellas, substantial chaises, and tables on the longer side of the pool while the shorter side is the dining and conversation area. There are several outdoor fabrics that we can use to add pops of extra color.

Screened-In Porch

Interior Designer Houston creates a big lounge area by combining indoor rooms comfort and ease of alfresco. We try to furnish it, giving it a real garden living room.

Thus, we put daybed for napping, use furniture outdoor appropriate fabric, metals, and rattan to avoid dampness and gusty breezes. Candles and lanterns are considered for ambiance.

Contact us for a comfortable and functional outdoor space. We will take your living room décor to your outside space.

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