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Welcome to our Living Room Interior Designing Services

Are you planning a living room upgrade or building a new house? If so, several inspirations can redefine your entire living room space to make it relaxing and welcoming.

The latest trend has introduced different types of living, such as multifunctional living rooms, statement rugs, soft and versatile shades, opulent lighting, in addition to bringing outside inside.

Interior Designer Houston offers living room interior designing services. We will help you transform this space and make it classic in the following ways.


A little color makes your living room inviting, cozy, and sophisticated. It lifts the mood and reflects your personality. We use shades such as beige, turquoise, green, and yellow to create sunny décor or grey to soften your statement patterns, allowing the patterns to blend well with the overall scheme. Natural foliage has become a big popular accessory in recent years and is incorporated into the living scheme. We are extravagant with our finishing touches because we want to give you an opulent look.


Living room flooring is a major investment since it’s the biggest room in every house. Thus we don’t take it lightly. The best flooring idea is determined by factors such as the existing color scheme and how you use your space. We recommend a minimalist style option for homes with strong focal points or bold and patterned for a neutral room. Since the living room is a high traffic area, we pick durable, high stain resistance, and hardwearing styles such as tiles, wood, or carpet.


Lighting is essential in every living room because it sets the tone of this space. We use primary lighting levels, task lighting, and ambient lighting. Thus, we use skylights, doors, and windows to provide natural light and distribute ambient lighting across the room using chandelier, pendant, or spotlights. The aim is to light the room and make a statement.

Bring Nature Inside

The love for organic type materials and texture has witnessed increased attention in recent years. There is also a surge in the introduction of succulents and larger leafy plants indoors. This enhances relaxation, calmness and creates a sense of escapism, especially now that people are working remotely. So we will help nurture your green thumb by bringing nature inside.

Other elements that Interior Designer Houston will consider is ventilation and furniture. These trends will inspire your living room and make the decorating project worthwhile for the years ahead.



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