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Bathrooms are generally the smallest rooms in homes. They are also the busiest or functional, for they offer a peaceful retreat at the start and end of the day.

The primary users influence the design elements of this room. That means the number of people using the bathroom and how often they use it affects its flooring, fixtures, lighting, and accents.

Interior Designer Houston will help you coordinate your bathroom design, which is the key to elegant decoration.

Bathroom Design

We factor in the type of users when designing a serviceable and attractive bathroom. That means we use decorative accents, twin sinks, and a separate storage area for adult only bathrooms.

Safety features are the priority in an entire family bathroom. We also consider different color schemes to cater for all users’ tastes and preferences.


The main bathroom fixtures are sink, toilet, shower, and bathtub. They are regulated by the size of this room and where the plumbing connections are located. Based on these features, we can install freestanding, wall-mounted, or inset sink models, combined or separate shower and bathtub, as well as detachable or rain showerhead options.


We can amount soft, muted light to supplement natural light, thus providing a relaxing atmosphere. Studio lights are an excellent choice for the vanity for applying makeup. Heat lamps augment steam and provide soothing heat when having a warm shower or bath.

Decorative Accents

We set your bathroom’s mood using soft colors such as pastel, blues, whites, and Aquas shades. Tile patterns offer a sophisticated look, while natural stone such as granite and marble creates a minimalist theme.


We make storage a complementary part of your bathroom interior design. For colorful towels, we install decorative racks. A small closet is mounted on the wall for prosaic linens and body products. The medicine cabinet is either freestanding to offer extra storage on top of it and hooks below or is inserted into the wall.

Other Design Accessories

Sink accessories like soap dishes, toilet seat covers, shower curtains, and rugs are picked in coordinating colors and themes, thus shaping your bathroom’s overall character.

Interior Designer Houston takes into consideration the family’s potential growth when designing your bathrooms. This includes new children that will be born, visitors, or aging parents. We choose fixtures and designs that will accommodate these changes in the years to come.


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