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Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or revamping your theme and brand it is important that if you want your ideas and concepts to be realized properly that a seasoned interior designer must be hired or the very least consulted.

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Here at Interior Designer Houston, we do believe that your investment for an interior designer will be pay off. A good design is pleasing in the eye but a great design would create an imprint on your customer’s mind and will be a part of a lasting memory.

Read on and hear our tips and tricks on how to liven up your restaurant with insider interior design ideas.

Why hire a professional interior designer for your restaurant?

If you’d take time to notice a few leading restaurants or food chains’ strategy then you might observe that most of them are not really intent on upselling their food but the experience and memories you’ll create with your loved ones when you dine in.

That should be the approach when trying to start a food business. Competition has never been tougher and if you’re not unique or witty enough then chances are you won’t see much traffic into your establishment.

A part of enhancing your customer’s experience when they visit your restaurant is through great interior design. By that, we don’t only mean that your place needs to look nice and cozy but at the same time the design should promote your brand enough and serve some function.

Great restaurant interior design realizes your brand’s vision and mission encapsulated by your theme that is represented by the colors, fabric, furniture, fixture, shapes, and styles that you choose.

If the customers feel at home and aligned with your message then they will not only come back for more but spread the word to their acquaintances about your restaurant. That can be accomplished with a visionary like an interior designer.

Elements to Consider to Spice up your Restaurant

Leading restaurant interior designers at Houston agrees to the following elements that you should add to your restaurant’s interior design.

Choose your colors wisely

You may have noticed that the first thing you notice when you step into a restaurant is the color scheme. Colors immediately give signals to our brain whether they are reliable or not about the place that we’re about to dine in on.

Let’s discuss a few color schemes, shall we?

Restaurant Interior Design: Light Colors

Light colors would usually evoke a more relaxing atmosphere and make your restaurant a place that family and young people would want to hang out in. This color scheme usually ideal for upscale restaurants and may not be common in high-traffic ones.

This scheme includes the colors beige, ivory, white, pale, light gray, and of course, yellow.

Restaurant Interior Design: Dark Colors

If you want to set a more intimate and romantic mood into your restaurant then go for this color scheme. This pattern will also make your pub or restaurant elegant especially when done right. If not, then it may be claustrophobic.

This scheme includes the colors brown, purple, crimson, dark green, and navy.

Restaurant Interior Design: Warm Colors

Warm colors are perhaps the most common pattern that high-traffic restaurants like buffets and fast-food chains employ. The colors involved promotes appetite like no other.

This scheme includes the colors orange, red, gold, and yellow.

Restaurant Interior Design: Pastel Colors

Casual eateries like snack bars and ice cream shops use this color scheme. The patterns exude radiance and joy that people who would like to grab a bite would want to dine in on it.

This scheme includes the colors pink, sky blue, lavender, and pale green.

Restaurant Interior Design: Earthy Colors

The last common color scheme utilized by restaurants is the earthy color scheme. This pattern looks neutral and is often utilized by cafes. Your place will have an Eco-friendly and natural vibe all over.

This scheme includes the colors brown, beige, umber, dark orange, and olive green.

Restaurant Interior Design: Establish your theme

Have you chosen a color scheme? Picture that in your mind and you may notice that most of your restaurant’s interior has already been filled up, and that’s just the color. Let us fill in the rest of the details.

Blend in your style and theme with your chosen color patterns. You have a lot of themes to choose from, that includes rustic, modern, contemporary, minimalistic, and lots more. Your imagination is the only limit as well as your research skills.

Once you have a somewhat solid idea, then talk to your interior designer about it, they will be the ones to turn that idea into reality and even improve upon it using their expertise.

Comfortable and inviting furniture

Remember that we mentioned above that great interior design does not only mean that the place looks stunning visually but also it needs to serve a function?

Well, that should be true, and the placing of your furniture, how your restaurant is divided into parts, witty restrooms, and the decision making in what chairs or tables and even utensils to use are critical.

If you want your guests to have some privacy then make room for that. If you want your resto to be a place for family gatherings or celebration with friends then integrate that into your design. Make it comfortable and welcoming for your target market.

Lighting done right

Now to add highlights to your restaurant by adding some appropriate lights to your concept. It’s up to you if you want to make use of both natural and artificial light. Lights should not be complicated, it’s meant to direct people’s eyes. Highlight what matters and what doesn’t on your design.

It sets the mood together with maybe some music or costumes for your employees if it’s all part of the theme. When done right, it will prove to be beneficial, and a great interior designer knows how to do just that.

We recommended checking out these following restaurants for ideas:

  • Textile Pavilion restaurant in Luxembourg by the Bouroullec Brothers
  • Ella Dining Room & Bar in Sacramento, California by UXUS
  • Fette Sau in New York by Joe Carroll
  • Ana Crowne Plaza Hotel in Osaka, Japan by Curiosity
  • First Supper/Mak Vienna in Vienna, Austria by Jerszy Seymou

All of these elements contribute to a great restaurant interior design, maybe add a bit of music into the place, and don’t forget to tell your employees to smile for the customers. Here at Interior Designer Houston, we want nothing but the best for your endeavor. Cheers!

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