Outdoor Interior Design: Things you need to know

Gone are the days of boring and plain patio designs. Say goodbye to same old landscaping, or bare balconies and verandas. Outdoor interior design is here and it is here to stay.

Patio outdoor interior
Patio in Outdoor Interior

Do you especially live in warm places in the country where you get to enjoy the sun all year round? Well, we do, and that’s why we from Outdoor Interior Designer Houston want to share with you some tips, advice, and expertise when it comes to outdoor interior design.

Turn those outdoor spaces into beautiful areas in your residence or business where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Let us open your world to endless possibilities!

What is Outdoor Interior Design?

Outdoor interior design simply refers to the approach of applying interior designing aspects to outdoor spaces. As mentioned, what comes to mind is upgrading your patios, front porch, balcony, landscaping, terrace, or verandas.

An outdoor interior design would liven up your residential spaces. Have a pleasing area to relax on during warm summer days or during cool afternoons and evenings. Outdoor spaces are perfect as reception areas for your visitors or as needed personal space for you to read a book on.

For businesses, outdoor interior design is highly recommended for restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos, and resorts. The more attractive your establishment is the more likely you retain existing clients and invite over new ones.

Good outdoor designs exhibit your brand first then serve its function for your business. Adds so much to the building’s ambiance in hopes of generating more traffic. These are surely achievable when proper outdoor interior design is executed.

Outdoor interior design also sets the trend. It could be costly to invest in seasonal or yearly upgrading outdoor designs but it is well worth the investment. After all, your outdoor spaces are what people see from the outside, so sometimes it could be a make or break a business opportunity.

What are the elements of outdoor interior design?

What makes up great outdoor interior design concepts? Outdoor Interior Designer Houston is more than willing to impart with you some of the field’s best practices.

Comfy Furniture

The first element that you need to consider for your outdoor space is comfortable furniture. Given that this setting is on the outside then chances are people are going to want to find something to sit on.

Avoid furniture that has scratchy or edgy materials, they are seldom comfortable. Oversized or overly-puffy cushions are also not recommended. They are a nightmare to maintain especially that they’d be more exposed to the elements. They are also not ideal for areas with a hot and humid climate.

Experts say that when you put up furniture especially chairs and couches, you need to think about the rules of universal design and outdoor landscaping. Sounds complicated? Well, not really.

Universal design just means that the elements in your outdoor spaces should consider things that everyone enjoys in the same way. That means nothing specific for any age bracket. Something that everyone can appreciate, enjoy, and be comfortable with.

Chairs with armrests are usually ideal for outside spots. They are easier to get off with and seats with no more than 100 degrees of recline are desirable too. Sling chairs are also recommended for comfort as well as ease of maintenance.


We’ve mentioned that the materials and components of your outdoor interior design would be put to the test all the time due to the elements that they will be exposed to. So another aspect that should always be on your mind when setting up your patio is the durability of your furniture.

Your best options should be aluminum-based items. Wrought iron is also recommended as well as variations of polymer, plastic, and resin. These are versatile because they can then be formed to look like wood. Which is, by the way, a great way to spice up your outdoor spaces.

Earthy elements are “in” nowadays as well as cooler tones. Wood elements on your patio should be easier on the eyes and more relaxing and accommodating than any other design.

These materials are also more durable and a lot easier to maintain than actual wood, not mentioning that they are a lot cheaper. Recycled furniture is also quite popular nowadays. Aside from earthy designs, eco-friendly materials are also in trend.

Materials like high-density polyethylene are extremely durable and are resistant to stains, mildew, moisture, and insects. Very little to no risk of peeling, fading, or cracking.

Choice for Fabrics

At this point, you have comfort and durability. That means your outdoor interior design is already both welcoming and cost-effective. Let’s add one more element to that, perfectly picked fabrics.

The same with the material you’ve chosen for your furniture, the fabric should also withstand the various outdoor elements it will be exposed to. Your patio may have full-on, partial, or no shade at all so consider that too.

Breathability is the top aspect you should consider when choosing fabrics. It’s not just for comfort but it is also for it to avoid mildew and mold. Take note that water-resistant fabrics are not entirely breathable, so that’s your trade-off.

Instead, try creative ways to shading your outdoor spaces. An elegant umbrella, maybe? UV resistance also needs to be taken into mind as well as colorfastness. And lastly, easy to clean or wash materials should be considered too.


To wrap it all up, when you think of outdoor exterior design, make sure to connect with yourself and with your interior design.

Make sure to understand what you really want and realize that into your choice of fabrics, materials, and furniture. Sometimes designs are nothing but extensions of our character and personality.

It is also important that your outdoor design complements your interior design. This is important in businesses more especially because of your design inside and out of your establishment should represent your brand and what you are all about.

Have a great idea? Want to get your outdoor interior design project started? Well, don’t hesitate to call your outdoor interior designing service at Houston. Cheers!

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