How Much Does An Interior Designer Cost?

Welcome to another special Interior Designer Houston article. We’re going to discuss all the things that you need to know when it comes to hiring an interior designer. What to expect, what to ask for, what to prepare, and How Much Does An Interior Designer Cost.

Hiring an interior designer can be similar to hiring a graphics designer or an artist. Sometimes they go freelance, and sometimes they can be part of a company or organization. They can either charge a flat rate or hourly fee. Depending on a few factors, interior designer’s rates may vary and sometimes significantly.

There are also a lot of factors affecting our opinion as to how much an interior designer should ask for a certain job or project. Some people are surprised that the rates are higher than what they expected but that’s normal as we don’t get someone else to design for us every day.

And then, there’s the allure of doing everything ourselves DIY style. Why not, right? There’s YouTube that’s readily accessible to us anytime, and to be honest there are some valuable tips on the video platform.

In any case, hiring a professional interior designer would greatly benefit you as a homeowner and as a business owner. So let’s get into the nitty-gritty details, shall we?

Interior Designer Houston
Interior Designer Houston

Interior Designer Cost

Right off the bat, the general average cost of an interior designer should be around $2000 to $5000. This does not include furniture and that’s a per room rate. Consider this as the interior designer’s professional fee alone and most of the time, it won’t include anything else. We’ll discuss the scope later, but maybe some of you are asking why the rates are this much, right?

Remember that to be a professional interior designer one must need a bachelor’s degree. Interior designers have worked hard to be where they are right now and to possess the skills and expertise that they do at this point in their careers.

Also, it’s important to take note that interior decorators are different from interior designers. Interior designers are visionaries that will turn your ideas into a reality once they start working on your place.

Since we are from Interior Designer Houston Texas, then we’ve taken the liberty to research the rates for the Houston area. The general rate of interior designers in the Houston area is about $89 per hour.

That does not include material so if you’d break it down even more then that should be about $3 per square foot. Commercial interior design should then cost a bit more maybe a couple of dollars more per square foot.

For the entire Harris, County homeowners spend around $700 to $11000 for their interior designing needs. These Houston interior design quote though usually already includes, the interior designer’s average labor cost, average costs of materials plus equipment involved, and cleanup fees. It should also cover surface preparation, machinery, and some other essential components for the project.

These packages though does not include permits, inspection and building fees, sales taxes, or general contractor fees.

If you’re curious about hourly rates in general then residential interior design hourly rate nationwide should be around $70 per hour plus materials, or $4 per square foot. For commercial interior design, it should be around $98 per hour or $6 per square foot.

Residential and Commercial Interior Design: What’s the difference?

For you to know the difference between the two areas then you need to know what’s within the scope of the things that are put into consideration by your interior designer(s) once they get to work.

Naturally, some interior designers specialize in residential or commercial spaces. There are even interior designers who specialize in certain areas, say kitchens, or bathrooms.

Residential interior design covers work for newly constructed houses to existing houses needed a makeover or upgrade. Commercial spaces should include banks, hospitals, offices, schools, and industrial spaces.

The difference in the design done in both areas usually are defined by the client’s needs. Naturally, residential spaces are occupied by an individual or a family, so interior designers must take into consideration the occupant’s personal needs and desires.

Commercial interior designers take into consideration the inspiration for the businesses’ brand and the constraints that a commercial building code imposes on the designs. You should take into consideration the functionality of your design as it’s not always only about aesthetics but efficiency.

Things to ask and expect from your Interior Designer

There are three things that you need to know and consider when you are about to hire an interior designer. First is you need to ascertain the scope of the project, second is the size of the area or room you want to be worked on, and third is your budget.

Be clear and realistic in your scope and goals and be clear when imparting them to your interior designer. Do you need a bathroom upgrade or your living room needs to revamp? If so, then is it just the color or would it be the furniture?

Make sure to know the square foot area of what you want to be worked on. The area won’t only affect the interior designer’s rate but the possible designs for space too.

Your budget should not only be allotted for the interior designer but to all materials involved. You should have an extra allowance for unforeseen expenses, like repair, shipping, or important pieces to your space. Prioritizing the needs from the wants is also recommended.

Interior Designer Cost: Hourly or Flat rate?

Hourly rates are ideal for small spaces and projects. It’s perhaps the most common way to go when hiring interior designers. Hourly rate covers travel time, inspections, email or phone conversations, purchasing time, and a few other intangibles. It won’t include materials or furnishings.

Flat rate fees are a more common arrangement for bigger projects and larger spaces. Make sure to have a clear discussion with the interior designer of what’s included in the contract should you got for this to prevent any misunderstandings later on.

Make sure to have a clear definition of DONE.


Excited for your next interior design project? We are too here at Interior Designer Houston TX. So whip up that pen and paper and list down all of your ideas and don’t forget to think out of the box.

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