Home Interior Design: How to Create Awesome Interior Spaces

Interior Designer Houston is committed to imparting our readers with various tips and techniques on beautifying their homes. After all, our dwellings are part of only so much of our life’s memories. So why not take the time and think deeply about what we want for it in terms of style and function. 

Home interior design is perhaps the most common areas that interior designers work on. It can be quite challenging too, you may think that it’s only putting furniture, colors, and fixture that the client likes together but there is more to it.

As an interior designer, you need to make sure that the client realizes what’s really in their minds and their hearts. Sometimes, clients can’t completely express what they want so it’s up for us to be visionaries and try to paint the picture for them as clear as possible.

Enough with the chitchat, let us discuss the different elements that you need to know to create awesome and memorable home interior designs.

Home Interior Designs


Home Interior Design Elements to Consider


This article is all about helping you in putting together the different elements that make up great interior designs. We’ll also discuss some popular concepts that you can apply. Take note that home interior design does not only cover your living room.


It also pertains to your kitchen, bathroom, or home office.


Home Interior: Color


Everything starts with color considerations, doesn’t it? Do you have a favorite color? Or you want the colors you’ll be using to represent your style or personality? Maybe, you want colors that scream energy, passion, and uniqueness? Maybe you want cooler tones for a relaxing home? It’s all up to you, look inside yourself, and focus on what you want to express, then choose colors.


We know, color can be a bit hard to decide on especially if you don’t have any shade in mind already before you started planning. But it’s well worth the brainstorm. Aside from the color of the furniture, fixture, and accessories that you need to decide on, we think it’s safe to say that you need to decide on the paint first.


This is especially true for a complete revamp or newly constructed place.


Paint color depending on what you’ll choose will exude elegance or simplicity, relaxing tones, or modernity. We suggest you either go bold and dramatic or soft and unique hues. Darker tones will exhibit glamour while bluish tones promote a relaxing environment.


Look Closely into the Details


We from Interior Designer Houston can’t emphasize enough that when designing your home the details are most important. You can throw together flashy concepts but if the details aren’t right then by the end of the day you’ll feel that something ain’t right.


Call us obsessive-compulsive but yes you need to be in that headspace to create something beautiful and unique.


Want to make your interior design feel and look finished or complete without spending a fortune? Try crown molding. It is an inexpensive way to make your concept whole, especially its plastic or paintable variety. This concept is also quite flexible too and will accommodate your budget quite nicely.


Other molding options are high baseboard, ceiling medallions, chair rails, and ceiling beams.


Invest in your Furniture


Have you ever found yourself cringe when you see how much is the price tag on your sought after piece of furniture? Don’t worry, we do too, always. But have you also experienced buying cheap furniture instead but then it turns out to be poor in quality and you need to replace it prematurely?


Yep, that happens all the time. When buying furniture, think of it as a long term investment. When looking to design your home or for a client make sure to look for alternatives. Instead of buying brand new furniture try your local antique shops first, estate sales, or secondhand stores. You’ll be surprised as to what you might find.


Invest in furniture that will last because most of the time these are the ones that will make your place look more elegant.


Accessories Galore


Pillows not only bring comfort but also elegance to your home. Throw in a few large ones to really add to the flavor. Choose the right colors to add further highlights to your overall design.


Also, don’t leave your windows bare and plain. Windows are great areas of opportunity to add in that much-needed flair to your aesthetics. Be playful but make the smart choice, especially with your curtains.


Flimsy as well as see-through materials are not recommended. They look cheap and does not double as a privacy layer. Go for natural silk, cotton, or linen but if draperies ain’t your style then try blinds. Bamboo or other recycled eco-friendly materials are quite trendy nowadays.


Home Interior: Hardwood and Finish


While carpets are nice but hardwood is the bomb! Yes, it can be expensive plus it needs consistent maintenance but if you have a little more extra to splurge then we suggest that you go all out on this element.


Hardwood just provides that classic and elegant look that can’t be replicated by other materials. They also last for a very long time if taken care of properly. Birch and Oak are the cheaper choice than cherry and wood with darker shades look more glamorous.


Home Interior: Lights


Lighting might not be the star of the show but proper lighting can go a long way fr your overall design. They add needed highlights to everything you’ve put together so far and if you know where to look then you’ll find cheaper ways to go about it.


Try lamps or floor lamps to add style and uniqueness to it. Your Home Interior Designer at Houston would definitely agree.


Lastly, always consider cleaning your household regularly. A good home interior design is only as good as how it is maintained so don’t take this aspect for granted. Always keep an open eye for stains, damages, and possible areas for repair.


And so, what are you waiting for? Contact your local home interior designing service at Houston now and turn those ideas and concepts into reality. 


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